What's New
  • Nessi paper now available
  • Display of user's performance (in % correct selections) and e-mail use is now implemented!
  • Source code is now available!
Coming soon
  • Navigate with Nessi using the P300 paradigm! We're working on it!

The project:

This project enables handicapped users (unable to use a conventional keyboard) to surf the web with a binary input signal. Similar interfaces are called switch interfaces. If a user has a red and a green button, he or she can navigate to the links he/she wants by performing a series of button presses. All links are framed either red or green.

Advantages of Nessi over conventional switch interfaces are:

Nessi is being used by ALS patients who have lost the ability to use a normal keyboard because of paralysis. In this case, the switch interface to Nessi is a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI).

If you are interested in using Nessi, please contact me. My address is: "bensch" then AT then

The nessi project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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